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About us

Our company, which is based in New York’s Hudson Valley, derives its name from the old-fashioned expression Hail Fellow Well Met. It was once a common phrase for a convivial gent, a charmer who would buy you a drink and regale you with a tale or two back in a time when looking good and dressing well was de rigueur. One of our favorite authors, Graham Greene (no slouch in the sartorial department himself), often used the phrase when describing outgoing, informal, charismatic men who enjoyed a good drink and conversation. But the phrase goes back much, much further. Like hundreds of years, to the Middle Ages, when it was an actual greeting. “Well met” meant to be welcomed in or well received and “Hail, fellow” was a friendly acknowledgement of another person.

Here at Fellow Well Met we’re taking back this phrase and expanding it. For us it evokes a perfect host who dresses with elegance, an egalitarian and gentleman who is as at home at the ballgame as he is in a ballroom.

If you’re the kind of man who believes your outward appearance is all about making a personal statement and that details are key, you’re a fellow well met.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, but do it with taste and panache, you’re a fellow well met.

If you love to mix and match styles and eras, new and vintage, you’re a fellow well met.

We’ll help you make your mark with a perfect pocket square, a dashing tie with a history, and show you how to mix a masterful cocktail.

Hail, fellow well met, indeed!

Andrew Amelinckx & Kara Thurmond