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Is Gin the New Bourbon? Vote here!

Is Gin the New Bourbon? Vote here!

I don’t know about you, but we drink a lot of the brown liquor around here. And so do a lot of other tipplers out there as evidenced by the popularity of the whisky family with bar goers and craft distillers alike. Bourbon and rye have been high on the trend trail now for many years running.

It got us thinking, what’s going to be the next bourbon? We’re putting our money on gin.

Sure, not much can beat a G&T on a hot summer day and, to a purist, it's gin, not vodka, that’s the proper booze to make a martini, but beyond that, it's usually tucked away on the back row of our bar. That's changing. 

Being lovers of most things old-school, we've discovered some lost classics now making a comeback. Thanks to our friend, Patrick, the Martinez is our current go-to cocktail.

Craft distillers are also focusing on gin. One good reason is that, unlike whiskey, gin doesn't have to be aged. Small distillers can whip up a batch and sell the goods without the 5-to-10-year wait. 

So what do you think? Is gin the new bourbon? 

Is gin the new bourbon?
You bet it is!
Not a chance!
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