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5 Accessories that Should Make a Comeback

5 Accessories that Should Make a Comeback

Fashion trends come and go, sometimes seemingly without reason. Here at Fellow Well Met, we feel that while some trends, say parachute pants, should stay gone, that others from an earlier period in our history fell out of favor without cause. We’re more interested in personal style than in trendy fashions, and in light of this here are a few accessories from the past that we feel should make a permanent comeback.

Walking Sticks
While some might say walking sticks are a burdensome encumbrance without much of a raison d’etre, we disagree. Besides looking cool, they offer a bit of stability when you’re walking in inclement weather. If you’re the type concerned with personal safety a cane-sword might be what you need, but be warned, they are illegal in some places, like New York, California, and the United Kingdom, so be sure to check your local laws before you buy one. We prefer whiskey to weapons and love the idea of a cane-cum-flask, which was popular during the Prohibition era. But perhaps more importantly walking sticks add a dash of sophistication to your overall look.

Spats, short for spatterdash (a fun word to say), are cloth shoe covers that went out of style in the 1940s. They really should make a comeback, especially in places with crappy winter weather, as they can save a lot of wear and tear on your dress shoes and look better than ugly overshoes. They were originally created to keep mud off of British army officers’ boots in the 18th century. They soon found their way into the civilian world for both men and women and saw a peak in popularity in the 1920s. Men wore a linen variety in the summer and a coarser fabric called hopsack for winter. They traditionally came in white, gray, and natural, but we’d love to see them make a comeback in a rainbow’s worth of colors.

Monocles aren’t just for German military officers from the last century or a giant peanut who shills for Planter’s nuts. These single-lens eyewear that hang from a lanyard are perfect for those gents, and ladies, who find themselves in need of a little help with small type but who don’t feel like toting around glasses. Invented in Germany in the 18th century, they saw their height of popularity in the late 19th century. We think it’s time to bring them back.

Pocket watches
Some people love to show off a little bling on their wrist but we prefer a pocket watch. It instantly classes up any outfit, especially in combination with a vest. Don’t forget to wind your watch or you may find yourself arriving late. Honestly, with the smartphones everyone carries these days, we don’t actually need one, we just love the way they look and that classic ticking sound. 

There’s an old saying, “one for show, and one for blow” when it comes to handkerchiefs. The one for show has become the pocket square that makes its home in your suit jacket or sports coat breast pocket, and unfortunately, the other has mostly been replaced by facial tissue, which we find to be a real shame. Nothing says gentlemanly behavior like offering an inconsolable friend a nice white handkerchief with which to dab away their tears. And if you find yourself with a sneezing fit, a handkerchief can stand up to the hardest honker that would turn a tissue to confetti.

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  • Feb 22, 2017

    Love the creativity of the postsand the great pictures of the fashions!!

    — Susan

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