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Three Ways to Fold a Pocket Sqaure

Three Ways to Fold a Pocket Sqaure

Yes, old chap, as with cats, there is more than one way to get the job done. We often just grab a pocket square, tuck it into our suit pocket and be done with it. While that does work, there a variety of different ways to wear a pocket square depending on the occasion, or even just your mood.

Our friends at MIZUBrand know the ins and outs of pocket squares. Here are three ways they like to wear theirs.

1. The Classic Fold
They call it classic for a reason. It's the way to go when you want to keep nice, simple lines. This works equally well with an understated pocket square or a more lively one, where just a bit of the craziness is showing. 



2. The Crown Fold
This it just a tad more jaunty than the classic. It works well when you want to show off a pocket square with contrast edging


3. The Winged Puff
This fold is for the true dandy. It's the perfect fold for a colorful, paisley pocket square.

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